Sustainability projects undertaken by Love Services Sustainability Consultants include:

Support for sustainability projects of EDGE5 Pty Ltd in Tanzania, Kenya, Cambodia, Rwanda, Philippines, Myanmar and Australia.

Research  and mathematical modelling of application in Western Australia of natural local climate management methods established and tested in Middle East particularly Iranian deserts (2019 ongoing).

Technical support for Sankalpa Rural Development Society in borewell recharge water harvesting, village solar power, microfinance systems across India (2016 ongoing)

Construction of prototype ultra low-cost, minimum size, low-thermal mass,1-bed eco-house for hot temperate climate in Perth, Western Australia as test for small scale eco-housing production and as component of prototype testing of eco-efficiency of courtyard-based housing using central permaculture garden (Western Australia, 2021-22).

Design and build prototype ultra-low cost  eco-house for 1-2 persons aimed at contributing to addressing low socio-economic homeless problem (Western Australia 2020)

Establishment of Love Sustainability News providing reliable cutting-edge sustainability information (2020 onwards).

Development and testing of prototype mixed mode multi-source solar- battery hybrid system for suburban houses and small office/workshop/shop configurations (Western Australia, 2019-ongoing).

Analysis and review of research literature on limitations and disadvantages of green roofs in arid and arid temperate climate regions (Western Australia, 2020).

Analysis and modelling of evapo-transpiration effects of tree and vegetation planting on aquifer levels in arid temperate climates such as Perth, Western Australia and comparison with researhc literature for other arid regions (Western Australia, 2018 continuing).

Collection and review of research data and published literature on acquifer contamination and depletion in India (Western Australia, 2018 continuing).

Meetings in City of Yazd, Iran with water management researchers from Sankalpa Rural Development Society, Director of Water, Yazd, and water management researchers of  University of Yazd together with review of qanats and traditional airconditioning, building-based climate control and plant choice and arrangements for local climate control (Yazd, Iran, 2018).

Attend Energy Globe Award for Water with SRDS India (Yazd, Iran, 2018).

Review literature on bore-well rainwater recharge of acquifers (For SRDS, India, 2017).

Test rat control to reduce garden crop loss by implementing range control using neophobia (Western Australia 2020).

Literature review, analysis and support for development of Permaculture training for mass use of kitchen gardens to minimise child stunting and adverse effects fo poverty in Phillipines, Rwanda, Vietnam and Cambodia (for Edge5, Western Australia, 2019).

On-site review and analysis of construction and viability of vernacular thin reinforced-concrete floor/roof panels in Northern India and Karnataka. (Northern India, 2016).

Build and tested prototype low-thermal mass 2-bed eco-house with high insulation and low airchange for hot temperate climate on basis of climate  detailed computer energy need modelling . (Perth, Western Australia 2012-2013).

Research and computer modelling of the above climate-sensitive building design for Perth, Western Australia based on transitioning to low thermal mass rather than (currently assumed) traditional high thermal mass approaches to improve comfort whilst reducing both annual energy use and life cycle energy and environment costs for the building (Perth, Western Australia 2011-2012).

Comparative modelling and evaluation of energy efficiency of buildings with high thermal mass vs buildings with low thermal mass + high insulation + controlled air changes using climate mapped building energy use software in hot temperate climate (Perth, Western Australia 2003 ongoing).

PhD research and thesis on the inclusion of Social, Environmental and Ethical Factors alongside Technical Factors in Engineering Design (UWA,  Depts. of Engineering , Mathematics, Computing and Water Research, 1994-1998).

Provided infrastructure, management and support resulting in establish 56 Permaculture community Groups across Western Australia (For Permaculture Association of WA, Western Australia, 1997-1998).

Developed prototype and conducted successful testing of volume-based (as distinct from time-based) precision water distribution to small scale permaculture-based food production (Western Australia, 1992-1998).

Analysis and testing of use of concrete as separation layer and under-mulch for suburban food production beds to stop tree root invasion, minimise water use and nutrient loss and avoid nutrient contamination to the acquifer (Western Australia 2000 ongoing.)


  • Research prototype cloth sail wind power generator (Lancaster, UK 1972)
  • Research prototype water-skirted hovercraft for high speed low energy heavy good transport (Lancaster, UK 1973)
  • Non-dimensional analysis and modeliing of energy use of hghly energy efficient transport modalities (Lancaster, UK 1974)
  • Research into design of CVT vehicle gearbox to minimise fuel consumption for cars and small trucks (Leyland Cars, UK 1976-78)
  • Local small scale organic food production (UK, France, Spain, Australia, 1978 to date
  • Solar hot water system for farm (Corsica 1984)
  • Composting toilets developed and built (Corsica 1985)
  • Environmentally sensitive 2 story house (Corsica, built 1984-85)
  • Development of prototype solar hot water boost system for UK conditions (Lancaster, UK, 1988)
  • Development of wifi system for remote active control of institutional lighting and power delivery (submitted for UK government innovation funding, 1986)
  • Development of new form of aerial pre-germinated packaged tree seed distribution for remote desrt areas via ultra-light aircraft (led to UK provisional patent 1985)
  • Created software to assess heat losses in buildings and identify most environmentally approriate heating system (Lancaster, UK,  1986)
  • Solar potable water distillation systems (Almeria, Spain for Sunseed Trust 1987-89)
  • Review and evaluation of traditional high-strength floor and flat roofing systems in Almeria, Spain that use small section cane, plaster, cement and volcanic clay waterproofing in a structurally highly efficent matrix well suited to the high levels of earthquake activity due to its location on tectonic plate boundary (Almeria, Spain for Sunseed Trust 1986-89)
  • Review of flood-based irrigation distribution in traditional community-owned and worked village vegetable food production and its use of medieval Islamic irrigation systems and garden design (Almeria, Spain for Sunseed Trust 1986-89)
  • Solar electricity generation with battery storage for lighting and internet- computing  and system monitoring (Almeria, Spain for Sunseed Trust 1986-89)
  • Composting toilets developed and built  for (Almeria, Spain for Sunseed Trust 1986-89)
  • Research prototypes of solar water heating systems A(Almeria, Spain for Sunseed Trust 1986-89)
  • Maintenance of traditional (1000 year old) Islamic long distance water distribution networks (Almeria, Spain for Sunseed Trust 1986-89)
  • Development and sucessful testing prototype of solar water system that provides increased hot water volume at lowest use of supplementary power in hot temperate climate in Perth, Western Australia 1991-1994
  • Active member of international ECO2-IRN Eco-Design Research Group (UK, 1992-1998)
  • Research and expert interviews on design and effectiveness of composting toilets in Australia (Perth, WA, UWA 1997)
  • Development of prototype and sucessful testing of economical new technology for providing supplementary power support to stored solar hot water systems in hot temperate climate in Perth, Western Australia (Perth, WA, 1992)
  • Evaluation of annual water losses in Western Australia from internal leaks of toilets using typical gravity rather than syphonic flush systems (Perth, WA, UWA, 1995)
  • Review of urban design elements that lead to sucessful high-innovation villages that repurpose existing housing stock as mixed-mode buildings for  living and innovation businesses (Lancaster, UK, 2005)
  • Research into identifying the most effective university organisational structures that support innovation (Lancaster University, UK 2007-2010)
  • Research into mapping national Design infrastructures in Australian States, UK, Noray, Finland and Korea (Curtin University 2003-2008)
  • Created and tested some of the earliest forms of what were later called plant 'wicking beds'. The early prototype and production beds (UK, 1985)  used automated self-managed watering systems that adjusted water input incrementally to adjust to different levels of water loss via evapo-transpiration, cropping and plant growth. I developed similar wicking beds with different wicking structures (also with automated self-managed watering systems that adjusted water input) for hot temperate climate conditions in Perth, Western Australia  (Lancaster, UK 1985-1991 and Perth, WA 1992-1996)
  • Design and construction of an environmentally-sensitive building following Alexander's Pattern Language and designed for minimum energy use Perth, WA, 1993-1994)
  • Investigation and comparative evaluation of effectiveness and ecological cost of plant-based (tree and vine) shading compared to physical constructed shading in hot temperate climate (Perth, Western Australia 1992-1996)
  • Development and testing of effective prototype greywater collection and distribution system  in hot temperate climate (Perth, Western Australia 1991-1994)
  • Provide sundry sustainability technical support (For SRDS, India,  2017)